new career

Hi all, i recently had the chance to train at gressenhall but made the decision to go and train in dementia care, instead, and use plants to help with sensory issues.  

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BBC Radio Norfolk – The Garden Party, The garden at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse, The garden at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse

BBC Radio 4 – Gardeners’ Question Time, Gressenhall, Norfolk, “Why is my rhubarb so spindly?”

fitting in

At the moment, i cant afford to finish my degree and also i am not suited for University. i can not write as asked of me and  i do not fit in to the university way of teaching.   i have another way of learning because of my dyslexia and being creative.  i understand it much better than i did. 

taking snaps at a local flower merchants

taking snaps at a local flower merchants

no idea how it looks close up, but it was fun to take pictures of all the flowers for sale. so i can have the pictures and the flowers names.


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